Watching a TV commercial = donate money (not yours!) to a social cause

One of the most brilliant (and yet extremely simple) idea I’ve heard in many years came from my colleague Victor Stroe (Strategy Director at Leo Burnett Romania) – in a partnership with Gazeta Sporturilor).

The project is to air 29 sec spots instead of 30 sec – and donate the cost of that missing second to a humanitarian cause. (positively without any loss for advertisement impact)

That means 3% of the media budget. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big thing, at first – but the exquisite part is yet to come – the more people are watching those commercials, the more money will be donated (considering the current business model of paying the TV reach).

So, TV stations could explain the concept to their audience, right before commercial breaks, and ask them not to switch the channel if they want to help someone in need. Everybody wins (TV stations included, by selling more reach to advertisers) and everyone feels good.

Victor already received an internal award in Leo Burnett (“Idea of the month” award) but I really believe this project deserves all the attention it can get – so I kindly ask you to share, distribute, promote and so on to all your friends and business partners.

2 advertisers have already joined the project – Axa Asigurari & Gazeta Sporturilor – you can find more details on

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