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I’ve just arrived at the office coming from the 5th editon of Venture Connect  and I want to write down some of the ideas & learnings that I’ve found (or remembered) today.

  • 800k 900k android activations daily worldwide in Q1 2012 (average txs Dan Virtopeanu for the update)
  • 25B global apps market in 2015
  • 30k Romanians are going out every weekend (I kinda thought there are more)
  • 2.5M smartphones in .ro and 0.5M of them have apps installed
  • 150k 180k downloads so far for #1 mobile Romanian app in .ro
  • 21.5B global online gaming market in 2015
  • 5% of players are actually paying
  • the profile of core gamer worldwide is: 75% male, 21yo, 50% play daily, driven by achievements
  • has 15m core gamers with an ARPU () 60-100% higher than Fb
  • Biggest 6 online markets in the world are .us .uk .de .fr .ca .au (I’m not 100% if its for a specific online market or for apps/gaming/advertising/business – maybe I’ll get a little help here) was one of the best presentation today (and I’m not saying that because I’m a good friend of one of the cofounders 😉 )

It’s a multiplayer casual game platform, started with the most used windows app ever – solitaire :).

In 8 weeks they already have 15k registered players & 700k games played, 81% return visitors with an average of 40 min per visit. 85% of their users are women 42yo.

Monetization: advertising + sell unfair advantages (I loved that 🙂 ) to users: undo, hints, flip deck.

Words of wisdom heard today:

  • There’s much more money than talent in Europe, especially in South Eastern Europe (so true, several big players are prospecting our market right now and closing interesting deals)
  • 50% of new jobs in france in last 10y came from internet businesses
  • you never count your money when you’re sitting at the table; there’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done” – Kenny Rogers, The gambler
It’s hard for me to give credits for all the above info and learnings, so please check all the startups presented today  and do not miss the next edition (it’s scheduled in November). Last, but definitely not least, congrats to Mary & Dan & Alexandra – guys, you’re doing a wonderful job for everyone in regional online market!


4 thoughts on “Sharing is caring

  1. Some updated stats:
    – worldwide Android daily activations were 900000 in the first quarter 2012 (in average) and we wait soon to reach 1 mil
    – most downloaded Romanian app has more than 180k downloads

    No big differences, however these are the latest stats 🙂

  2. Multumesc mult Dorin. Mi-a parut tare bine sa te revad si cel mai mult ma bucur ca te-ai simtit bine si intalnirea a fost una reusita.

    Si da, si mie mi-a placut mult prezentarea lui Cristi. I-am spus de la inceput ca este special 🙂

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