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London and Affiliate Management Conference in May. What’s not to like? :)

I’m a champion of attending relevant business events – in public or as a speaker. I don’t think there’s other more efficient ways to grow as a professional and promote your business to a relevant group of people in the same time.

It always costs time and money, of course – but it always worth it, if you select them well and approach them with the right mindset.

Just in the last 5 months I attended Webit in Istanbul, a VC event in Wien (organized by Wien British Embassy and Amadeus Capital), Venture Connect in Bucharest, Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, Interactive-Seminars in Sofia and I’m getting ready for the third edition of ecomTIM next week in Timisoara (plus 2 or 3 other local events like Lumea Seo PPC).

From each event I came home with more knowledge, relevant contacts and fresh, new ideas. I always keep my mind open, I’m staying focused on the speakers and approach anyone who seem interesting for me. They are all there for business development, too many people from the audience forget that!

So I don’t understand people who say they are „too busy to attend a business event” especially when is 100% linked to their field of activity.

Guys, there are your best competitors, clients or partners, gathered all together, speaking about industry trends, opportunities and issues and you’d rather stay in your office, doing the same things you’re doing in a regular day?

So they will understand better how your industry is changing, learn how to react faster,  expand their business network and having a good time at parties, while you will be at home? Do you really want to give them such a big, unfair advantage over you?

Well…. it’s obviously your choice, but If you’re into affiliate marketing, online marketing or ecommerce I’d say to grab ASAP the 20% discount that I’m offering you for Affiliate Management Days in London and buy your tickets NOW, and then book your trip to London, I’m sure it will worth it.

PS yes, I’m looking forward to see you there, I will have a speech about gamification in affiliate management. How I got there and how happy I am about this engagement, in a later post 😉

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