Increase your impact

We all want to be important – to our family, to our colleagues, to our business partners, to society – but we forget too often how simple is to become more and more important on any scale.

It is not a secret, it is not quantum physics and definitely I’m not trying to claim that I’m inventing the wheel here, but actually to write a simple idea that I can come back to from time to time.

So, if you don’t find this post as good as you expected, please take into consideration that is written more for me rather than for you.

And now, the big secret: AFTER you get done the day to day routine tasks, the mandatory ones (they’re different for each one of us, but I’m sure you know them), or BETWEEN them – take a moment and ask yourself: What can I do today that would bring some unexpected, not-specifically-requested-in-my-job-description value to my colleagues, my company or my partners?

What can I do today to increase in a positive manner my impact to the whole ecosystem around me? If you can figure out a thing that only you can bring on the table, you may actually get a bonus on importance scale.

It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, it doesn’t have to triple the sales, to cut half of the costs, or to double the wages.

It just have to bring more value than you brought yesterday.

It’s the same on your personal side, with your friends and family.

Do that at least 2 or 3 times a week, and you’ll be important for all the people that matters to you. Consequently, you’ll be happy.

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