Digital talents dictatura is here

They are programmers, designers, bloggers, social media savvies, online marketeers extraordinaire. Many of them are making several thousands euro (or more) a month and move from Morocco to Spain or US to live there several months every year.

They usually don’t have academic background nor have been working in an organized business environment (corporations). What makes them unique is they are the only ones understanding why the heck people are spending so much time on Facebook, why Twitter is essential for an offline revolution nowadays, why Microsoft bought Nokia (and what HUGE mistakes they should avoid in the very near future), and speak fluently about Android, iOS, CTR, CPC, CSS, SEO, Penguin, HTML5, AdWords, Conversion Rates, Funnels, A/B testing and so on. They just KNOW this shit.

In 5 years, they will rule the world. Have you been friendly with your 20-30 yo acquaintances?

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